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Starting a 1-person mafia

PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:58 pm
by FerrisBueller
Given that I cannot upgrade my lockbox beyond +20, I've decided that I will start a new mafia. It will be a one-person mafia, and the purpose will be to protect more than 600,000 of cash. Thus, every time my cash balance goes over 600,000, I'm buying steel. If the price is right, I'll buy contraband as well. When I have 500 steel, 500 contraband, and 500,000 in cash, I'll be eligible to start a new mafia.

Some questions:
1. Is locating a mafia office close to impossible for a mafia with just one member and no offices? The guide says that the chance of success of finding a mafia office with intel is 0.2% * (Number of Mafia Members, including Inactives + Number of Mafia Offices). So the chance of getting intel on such a mafia is only 0.2%, or 1 in 500. If the expected number of attempts necessary to be successful is 500, then that means it would take over a year of trying EVERY day plus 2.5 million tech and 10 million in cash. I seriously doubt that I'm important enough to anyone to justify this. (Or did I misinterpret something?)
2. If my mafia HQ is in a sufficiently remote location, do I need turrets for protection? It seems to me that remoteness offers far greater protection than turrets. I'm sure that a sufficiently powerful player or group of players can find a way to deal with turrets. Finding a remote mafia HQ is much more difficult given how much land there is in the country, continent, and world.
3. Why are there Mafia HQs in cities, INCLUDING Chicago? So many powerful players in the game have access, and it only takes one to cause trouble. Getting attacked is MUCH less likely in remote places.
4. Do I need offices? It seems to me that having offices multiplies the chances of somebody finding me by buying intel. I could put the offices hundreds or thousands of miles away from my HQ, but that would be much more costly.
5. If I don't intend to build offices or turrets, is there any point to earning tech?
6. Can Apex take over Mafia buildings?
7. If a mafia gets destroyed, what happens to the money that the members deposited? Is the money lost? Does the invader get it? Or does the mafia still get to keep it?

Re: Starting a 1-person mafia

PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:35 am
by G«RûßßerDû¢kî»ÔG
The answers to your questions
1) Yes the lower amount of offices and members the lower the chances of finding your office, but if they do get a successful Intel hit they will be taken straight to your hq.
2) Turrets do boost your HQ defense, but require and office withing the circle to be ouseful.
3) Having an hq in a huge city is a sign of a mafias courage or strength. Lol
4) Offices are needed to gain tech and any offices within map view have to be taken down or down lvl 3 or below idk which one it is.
5) no

Re: Starting a 1-person mafia

PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:36 am
by G«RûßßerDû¢kî»ÔG
6) no
7) you have one week to rebuild the HQ or the mafias cash goes to your cash on hand.