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New strategy for creating level 5 clusters

PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:55 pm
by FerrisBueller
I'm trying this out at my latest remote location. This time, I'm not relying on Apex stations.

When I see several high value NPCs (like Pyros, the blade-throwing Apex agents, Apex security officers, etc.) in my target area, I build a front there. Then I create, visit, and destroy travel safe houses to move over a few circle radii. When I find another swarm of high value NPCs, I create another front. If I don't see any high value NPCs, I do NOT build a front. This way, I don't have to waste any fronts, and none of my fronts compete with neighboring fronts for NPCs/points. Thus, I can avoid the dilemma of leveling up 1 front vs. leveling up a cluster of fronts. In the end, I'll have a cluster of isolated level 5 fronts. Since they will be small islands in a sea of unclaimed territory, I won't be distracted by an army of fronts that will remain at level 1 forever.

If an Apex station appears, I'll build as many fronts as possible close to it (and not bother leveling them up) to give Apex an alternative to taking my high level fronts. If I leave enough space between neighboring high level fronts, I can minimize my risk. Since these sacrificial fronts will turn gray when confiscated by Apex, they will be easily distinguishable from the my income fronts.