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Re: Gamer's Hub....

PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:04 am
by HumphreyBraggart
VoodooDoughnut wrote:If you decide to try Friendly Fire, here are some special notes to remember:
Once you choose your game name, you cannot change it.
Developers are working on Base relocation. Not sure if this means you can move your Base within your land or if you can move to a different territory altogether.
Stuff is built in real time, not Sims time. Real time. Stuff can take hours, even days to upgrade. And it may take a while to accumulate the resources necessary to upgrade. This i feel is NOT a negative. You have to decide what you want/need to upgrade and thus helps decide your strategic route.
Bases located in an area with less spawn points(less roads on the map) are deemed more advantageous. If you want to have less roads, you need to be in this area when you start to download the game. If you want your Base in another country/province, you need to be in that country/province before downloading and starting the game.
Extra special note: make sure to be in an above average internet connection area for the game's GPS to pick you up. If your connection is truly not superb for where you live, the game could place you somewhat far from where you actually are. I live in USA west coast. The game placed me in USA east coast. New Jersey to be exact.

I'm not sure why but I was actually able to choose my starting location manually.

Also, Shy, your alliance appears to be by invite only. I've built my alliance tower but can not join. ;-)